Welcome Peer Mediators!

You’ve trained to be a Peer Mediator and you’re looking to make it work in your school.

Do you know…

  • the Goals of Peer Mediation?
  • how to start your Peer Mediation Body?
  • what’s happening this term?
  • about the Peer Mediation Newsletter- The Resolution?
  • the other Peer Mediation Schools?

Goals of Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral/unbiased person- the Peer Mediator helps his/her peers resolve their conflicts by:

  • giving the disputants a chance to listen to each other’s side of the problem
  • allowing the current situation to be resolved
  • providing a model of how to deal with future situations of conflict

My school has been trained to be Peer Mediators... Now what?

Step 1: Host your first meeting

  • Elect an executive
    • co-presidents (call meetings & ensure tasks are excuted)
    • secretary (keep meeting minutes)
    • treasurer (manages the group’s finances- optional)
  • Decide on a meeting day and time
  • Find a willing person on staff (Teacher, Guidance Officer, Safety Officer etc.) to help you establish yourself in the school

Step 2: Your weekly meetings

  • Review topics covered in training
  • Plan ways to market selves to school- flyers, role plays, posters, hosting assemblies etc.
  • Practice mediation scenarios

Step 3: Host an information session with the staff

  • Ask the liaison staff person to help you organize this
  • Explain the benefits of having the group functioning in the school
  • Encourage them to designate an area in the school for you to conduct your meetings and sessions
  • Encourage them to refer matters to your
  • Invite them to sit in on your meetings

Step 4: Host an assembly

  • Use this as a means of introducing the group to the school and explaining its purpose

Step 5: Begin operating in your school. As Peer Mediators you will be expected to

  • Mediate minor conflicts
  • Raise your peer’s awareness about anger and conflict management via lunchtime sessions/workshops, printed material and posters
  • Host regular assemblies

Our Peer Mediation Schools

  • Cedros Composite School
  • Carapichima West Secondary School
  • Carapichima East Secondary School
  • Tableland High School
  • Roxborough Composite School
  • Goodwood High School
  • Barataria South Secondary School
  • El Dorado West Secondary School
  • Valencia High School
  • Corpus Christi College
  • El Do Dorado East Secondary School
  • St. Francois Girls’ High School
  • Couva West Secondary School
  • Guayaguayare High School

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