Welcome Peace Monitors!

You’ve trained to be a Peace Monitor and you’re looking to make it work in your school.

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Peace Monitors are leaders in their schools. They help other students resolve their conflicts without violence, creating peace.

How do they do this? By…

  • Being a leader: Not just a leader but a GOOD leader. To be a good leader you need to do your best to be:
    • enthusiastic
    • confident
    • responsible
    • respectful
    • calm
    • patient
    • a good role model
  • Being self confident: You must have trust in yourself and your abilities. When you have high self confidence you are pleased with the wonderful and interesting things that make up you and and what you can do. Everyday you should remind yourself that you are:
    • special
    • talented
    • priceless
    • and loved by you!
  • Using Positive Peer Pressure: Everyday you are influenced to do things by your schoolmates that are both good and bad. As a Peace Monitor we encourage you to resist the negative Peer Pressure; and also use positive peer pressure to show your peers that they do not have to fight when they have a conflict by encouraging them to:
    • respect other people’s property
    • respect other people’s space
    • listen to what other people have to say
    • have fun in healthy and positive ways
  • Helping people calm down: You understand that it is okay for people to get angry. You can help them calm down by asking them to:
    • take deep breaths
    • count to ten
    • hum to themselves
    • take a walk
  • Helping people resolve their conflicts: You can do this by:
    • getting them to talk about their problem before they start fighting
    • listening to them when they are talking
    • getting them to listen to each other
    • asking them how they would like to solve the problem
    • getting them to shake hands when they are both happy