The Value of an EAP

More and more companies today are introducing EAPs and hopefully for the right reason.


Employee Assistance Programmes or EAPs are work-based programmes designed to improve organisational performance through the provision of structured management/workplace and employee support services.

EAPs serve a dual role as they function at the micro and macro levels of an organisation. At the micro level, the EAP provides support – via confidential assessment, counselling, referral, and follow-up care for employees and their family members who may be experiencing personal/behavioural concerns that negatively affect their performance and productivity. At the macro level, the EAP provides support to the organisation as a whole – via management training and consultation, and assisting with critical incidents in the workplace.

It is imperative that companies realise that EAPs are not just a “band aid” for a troubled worker or a “nice to have” benefit. EAPs today are about forging strategic partnerships with organisations as they work together to strengthen and develop healthy and productive workplaces.

How EAP Serves Your Company

  • Support for Human Resources in dealing with employee problems
  • Effective resource for employee behavioral health problems
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased productivity and work performance
  • Lower turnover and training costs
  • Offers supervisor and employee EAP awareness training
  • Reduce utilization of health benefits and workers compensation claims
  • Services to companies with multiple locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago
How EAP Serves Your Employees

  • Free and useful services for employees
  • Convenient and Confidential
  • Reliable resource for information
  • Assistance in problem identification and resolution
  • Links to both private and community-based services
  • Provides wellness seminars and education workshops

Families In Action (FIA) has been involved in providing Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) services to several companies throughout Trinidad and Tobago since 1991. We have the experience and the expertise to set up and operate such a programme for your organisation. You will find our services to be an affordable way to join the many companies who now seek to support their valuable employees.

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